An Essential Analysis Of Vital Aspects For Ball Gowns

After being asked about this, Rock Falls High School Superintendent Ron McCord said in an email that “No, conversations with students regarding dance attire were in compliance with the student handbook.” Citing privacy laws, McCord has declined to discuss the matter in depth. “I cannot discuss individual student disciplinary matters, but what I can say … no one was prohibited from walking at graduation due to attire at prom,” McCord said in a telephone message. He has not commented on the number of girls who were disciplined. Sylvia Flores, Mari’s mother, acknowledged that the midriff rule has been in place for several years, and that Mari broke it. What’s upsetting is administrators chose to discipline only a few girls, she said, adding that two-piece dresses are in style now, and she didn’t find her daughter’s to be distasteful.   The high school broke a rule, too, she said – the handbook also states that “an administrator or his/her designee will enforce the dress code at the dances.” The administrators should have enforced the rule at the dance, but it wasn’t until the week following prom that Mari was pulled out of class and told she would have to serve detention, Flores said. “The administration has the discretion ชุดบอลราคาส่ง โรงเกลือ to determine appropriate consequences for dress code violations,” McCord said in the email. When Mari said no to detention, administrators told her she could not walk in the graduation ceremony unless she served it. She attended graduation in her emerald cap and gown, but stood in the stands and watched her classmates get their diplomas. Mari stood when her classmates marched, stood when the class was standing and sat when the class sat down. Her name was not announced at the ceremony. “I would have loved to see my daughter graduate, but I stood behind her and what she wanted to do,” Flores said.

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